Have you seen

Swiss Army Man?

I have. And it was a wonderful experience. It left an indelible mark on my mind and it is utterly unforgettable. The smartest movie you’ve ever seen with the most fart jokes, this film brutally exposed the stupidity of our inane societal constructs and opened a window to the wonders of enjoying life for life itself. Bypassing “feel-good” happy-indie-scored-commercial type visuals in favour of discussions about how great masturbation is, once you submit to the cringe and actually admit that you’re wanting to laugh, a lot, you become awash with a sense of liberation. Reaching the end of the film, there is a twist ending, which is that there is (thankfully) no twist ending. Should the end have explained away the rest of the film with the logic of our reality, it would be completely invalidated, because Swiss Army Man doesn’t take place in (and is not limited by) our reality, and that’s what makes it such a refreshing and genuinely beautiful time.


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